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Summer is upon us – although you would never know from the changeable and unpredictable weather! If the traditional social event calendar is not for you, forget the polo and the tennis for their expensive strawberries and cream or the seemingly endless breaks because rain stopped play for the cricket, simply relax inside at home or out in the garden with a barbecue if the sun appears, invite a few friends around and try out one of our recommended cocktails.

Our suggested cocktails are perfect for any occasion but are particularly ideal options for long and refreshing drinks that everyone can enjoy over the summer. We have 3 recipes without any “fizzy” ingredients which are great for making up into pitcher quantities as they won’t go flat (simply multiply the ingredients by 6 and prepare in a pitcher). Within our selection, we have 2 recipes that feature lemonade or soda, so to make in larger quantities, simply multiply the number of measures by 6 and shake together the specified ingredients, serve into 6 glasses and then simply top up with the appropriate mixer. Last but not least – a seriously cool option which contains the classic ingredients for summer – ice cream and strawberries. We hope you enjoy trying them out.

Cool Breeze

Apricot Lady Apricot Lady – this is a simple cocktail - in both the ingredients and how to make it! Half fill a highball glass with cubed ice and build the ingredients one by one – first the Hendricks Gin, then the De Kuyper Apricot Brandy and top up with apple juice. This delicious combination of fruity flavours combined with the floral and botanical aromas of Hendricks Gin – makes an ideal summer cocktail. (For serving in a pitcher – just multiply the ingredients by 6.)

Cranberry Fizz

Cranberry Fizz Cranberry Fizz – another easy to make yet elegant cocktail. Just build the ingredients – white rum and De Kuyper Cranberry liqueur in a highball glass half filled with cubed ice and top up with lemonade. The rich deep colour of the cranberry liqueur gives the cocktail an overall light pink appearance. Add a slice of orange for a classy finishing touch.

Into The Blue

Into The Blue Into The Blue – our summery cocktail theme continues with this light and fruity concoction. Again white rum is our base spirit to start the cocktail off with a hint of the Caribbean. Simply stir all the ingredients together in a jug – white rum, De Kuyper Blue Curaçao and grapefruit juice with a generous serving of ice and pour into a highball glass. Top up with soda as desired or if you prefer your cocktails on the slightly sweeter side try lemonade instead.

Strawberry Shortake

Strawberry Shortake Strawberry Shortcake – bursting with strawberries, this fantastic is ideal for any summer occasion. Blend all the ingredients together – Disaronno Amaretto, De Kuyper Crème de Cacao White, fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup if desired and pour into a hurricane glass. For a perfect finishing touch – float a shot of whipped cream on the top of the cocktail and garnish with a strawberry.

Summer Fruit Sour

Summer Fruit Sour Summer Fruit Sour – full of the summer fruit berry flavours which are perfect for the season, this cocktail recipe is ideal for sharing. It’s so easy to make and looks quite simply stunning. Firstly, fill a highball glass almost to the rim with cubed ice. Separately shake together all the ingredients – Hendrick’s Gin, De Kuyper Crème de Cassis and lime juice – in a cocktail shaker. Strain into the highball glass and garnish with a fresh blackberry and a sprig of mint. This tangy blend of fruity flavours perfectly complements the dryness of the gin. (For serving in a pitcher – just multiply the ingredients by 6.)

Wild Strawberry Punch

Wild Strawberry Punch Wild Strawberry Punch – more flavours of summer here with a fabulous concoction which is a perfect long drink! Just build all the ingredients in a highball glass half filled with ice – firstly De Kuyper Wild Strawberry liqueur, orange juice, cranberry juice and top up with soda according to your preference. The delicious flavours of De Kuyper Wild Strawberry mixed with orange and cranberry make a liqueur fruit salad - ideal for summer barbecues, informal or spontaneous summer get togethers. (Again - for serving in a pitcher – just multiply the ingredients by 6.)

As always please enjoy responsibly any cocktail recipes recommended by in-the-spirit. Have a great summer!



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