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Have you ever thought how funny it is that there are so many cocktails that sound like they should be eaten rather than drunk? With the amazing profusion of liqueur flavours, tastes and colours combined with the inspiration of some of our favourite dessert treats, it's no wonder that there are so many cocktails that sound like puddings!
Don't forget to bring a spoon to try out our gorgeous selection of cocktails recipes inspired by some of our favourite desserts.

Angel's Delight

Angel's Delight Angel's Delight - probably one of those desserts you haven't had in years but you have fond childhood memories of. This cocktail is a full of sweet flavours and looks incredibly like the light and fluffy packet puddings of old! The ingredients you need to make this are: Hendricks Gin as the main spirit with De Kuyper Triple Sec providing the rich citrus flavours. Adding milk and double cream gives the puddingy consistency and a generous dash of De Kuyper Grenadine adds the syrupy flavour of pomegranates as well as the dusky shade of pink! You may need a spoon for this one!

Naughty But Nice

Naughty But Nice Naughty But Nice - this is an indulgent creamy cocktail - hence the name! A delicious combination of flavours, this recipe brings together the smooth and luxurious Amarula Cream with hints of toffee, a touch of marzipan and nuttiness from Disaronno Amaretto as well as a dash of Peach Schnapps. Luscious!

Peaches And Cream

Peaches And Cream Peaches and Cream - the sweetness of Peach Schnapps, blended with half a peach, cream and milk gives a rich ice creamy like feel to this sublime cocktail - almost like a peachy flavoured milkshake or pudding. Yummy!

Raspberry Tart

Raspberry Tart Raspberry Tart - bursting with the tangy taste of raspberries, this delicious cocktail recipe is made with vanilla ice cream, fresh raspberries, lime juice and 2 shots of De Kuyper Raspberry. Simply put all the ingredients in a blender and with crushed ice and blend together well. Then strain the lot into a tumbler with cubed ice to serve, garnishing with a fresh raspberry floating on top! Simply perfect!

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shortcake - continuing our theme of summer fruit puddings, Shortcake is a gorgeous cocktail recipe full of real strawberries. Disaronno Amaretto gives the recipe a dash of almond, whilst the De Kuyper Crème de Cacao White gives a hint of chocolate - the vanilla ice cream and cream bring the richness. All the ingredients (except the cream) are blended together with ice and if you like, add a further dash of strawberry syrup for extra flavour, then float the whipped cream on top. Decorate the cocktail with a fresh strawberry cut in half - you may want to serve this with a straw or maybe a long spoon to make sure you don't miss a bit!

We do hope that you enjoy trying out our latest suggestions but please do remember to enjoy all in-the-spirit cocktail recipes in moderation.



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