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Here at in-the-spirit – as you’d expect – everything always comes back to cocktails! One of our other favourite things (apart from chocolate!) is coffee. So if like us, you love your coffee – especially with liqueurs, how about trying some of our coffee inspired cocktails? Never mind coffee with liqueurs – what about liqueurs in your coffee!

As always, these have all been tried and tested on as many willing participants as we can persuade to help – it’s a hard life working here at the in-the-spirit HQ! Although you might think they sound a little off the wall, they really do taste great. Would we lie to you?
But before you check out our suggested cocktails this month, read on for some fascinating facts about coffee…

It is not known exactly when the first person discovered the effects of the coffee plant and brewed a drink from the berries. Yes, the coffee plant grows berries – sometimes referred to as cherries as they develop into a beautiful red colour - which actually contain the coffee beans inside!

One of the earliest references - which dates back to around 300 AD according to some sources – is of a goat herder in Ethiopia called Kaldi. He noticed that his goats had been eating red berries from a tree and that they were lively and energetic until late in the evening. He mentioned this to the monks in the nearby monastery who from then on took the berries to stay awake during their nightly prayer gathering. By chance they discovered that the beans could be roasted and that a beverage prepared from the roasted beans not only produced the same effect – but also tasted far better.

Coffee as we know it really began in Arabia where the roasted beans were first brewed around 1000 AD. By the 13th century, Muslims were drinking coffee religiously as it kept worshippers awake and wherever Islam went – coffee went too … North Africa, eastern Mediterranean and India. In the 1600’s coffee plants were introduced into Europe from Turkey and so the Europeans love of coffee began …

did you know coffee
  • That the biggest coffee producer in the world is Brazil with an amazing 1,350 million kg per year! The nearest country after that in production size is Columbia with 630 million kg per year!
  • The latest data available shows that people who live in Finland consume the most coffee per head in a year with an amazing average of 1,459 cups!! This is followed closely by the Swedes with an average of 1,117 cups per year, Holland with 1,071 cups and Norway with 1,051 cups per year!
  • Incredibly, the UK is in 22nd place in the world with a mere average of 421 cups per head/per year.
coffee Amarula Cream is a pure blend of cream and the exotic taste of the marula fruit. Amarula Cream is delicious on its own, on the rocks or with crushed ice. To make Amarula Coffee, pour hot coffee into a cup and top up with Amarula Cream, sit back and enjoy!

dutch coffee


Warninks Advocaat and coffee? Yes we know what you’re thinking … this sounds a bit weird. It’s not an obvious combination we admit - well that’s what we thought until we tried it! Add one shot of Warninks Advocaat to strong black coffee which has been allowed to cool and stir in. The coffee becomes rich and milky and has a very subtle hint of vanilla. Try it – you’ll be surprised! We were!


chocolate If you like your coffee very milky – this could be the cocktail for you! Place 2 heaped teaspoons of sweet cocoa powder in a glass and add a mix of 1 shot Disaronno and 1 shot of strong black coffee. Top up with hot milk to taste. How’s that for a hot toddy or a variation on a hot chocolate drink just before you go to bed


vodka This is our delicious variation on a traditional espresso coffee. We experimented with strong espresso coffee and added smooth Amarula Cream and a shot of vodka for that little bit extra! If you find you want to make it a little sweeter, add caster sugar to taste.


after 8 If you prefer your coffee pure and unadulterated, here’s something you might like to try along side it inside of in it!! Often coffee is served with liqueurs and luxurious mint chocolates – so why not try our After 8 Shooter? This is a sublime combination of half a shot each of vodka, De Kuyper Crème de Cacao and De Kuyper Crème de Menthe. Shake all the ingredients together and serve in a tumbler glass. How straight forward is that?
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