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No doubt you are all recovering from those fantastic Christmas parties and New Year celebrations. Here at in-the-spirit you know we are always looking for new cocktail ideas or reasons to celebrate with cocktails. January is no exception as we bring to you our ideas for celebrating Burns Night which is widely celebrated in Scotland every year on the 25th January.

So what is Burns Night all about then? Burns Night has been an important part of Scottish culture for around 200 years. They were first started by close friends of Robert Burns – the well known Scottish poet - a few years after his death in 1796 as a tribute to his memory. He was born on 25th January in 1759 – which is why Burns Night is traditionally celebrated all over Scotland - and by Scots all over the world - on the anniversary of his birth.

Burns’ most famous “poem” is well known all over the world – Auld Lang Syne – often sung at the end of the evening at New Years Eve celebrations it is also used to round off a Burns Supper that is traditionally served on this special night. A traditional Burns’ supper usually consists of Cock-a-leekie soup (leek soup), Haggis served with “neeps and tatties” (translated from the Scottish as Haggis with potatoes and turnips!) followed by “tipsy laird” (otherwise known as sherry trifle). Of course, the Scots are well known for their party spirit and enjoyment of whisky which is often the traditional accompaniment to the supper. In some instances, it is recommended to pour whisky over the haggis to bring out all the flavours.

Here at in-the-spirit, we appreciate the chance to try all types of drinks and ways and occasions of serving them, but we can never resist mixing them to find different cocktails and bringing you new suggestions of enjoying them! For those of you who have not considered whisky as an option in your cocktail repertoire, why not try out our recommended ideas for whisky cocktails developed with our friends from Grants Family Reserve. Then for those of you who might like to organise a Burns Supper of your own, you will have some whisky cocktail ideas that will hopefully suit everyone!

Grants Ginger Spice
Grants Ginger Spice

This is a fabulous blend of Grants Family Reserve whisky over ice topped up with ginger ale and a dash of Angostura bitters for a bit of extra flavour.

Grants Lemon Zest
Grants Lemon Zest

For a fresh and zesty way to enjoy whisky, try this delicious mix of Grants Family Reserve over ice with fresh lemon juice and topped up with apple juice for a truly refreshing cocktail

For those of you still recovering from New Year’s revels, this is the cocktail for you!! Amazingly whisky is the main ingredient for the most traditional of hangover cures.

Known as the “Hair of the Dog” (we’re not sure how it earned its name, we’d be interested to hear if you know!), our preferred recipe is made from 2 shots of Grants Family Reserve Whisky, 1.5 shots if double cream and 1 shot of clear, runny honey. With a name like this and a reputation as a hangover cure, you might think that it tastes unpleasant. But if you try it out, we are sure you will discover that the whisky, honey and cream make a wonderful combination.
If whisky really isn’t your thing - here’s a couple of other options you might like to try out.

Still recovering from the night before? Then a Cold Shower may be just what you are looking for!! A cool and crisp combination of De Kuyper Crème de Menthe topped up with soda water to leave you with a fresh and minty taste and so hopefully your tongue won’t feel like the bottom of a budgie’s cage the morning after.

Last but not least, this is an invigorating cocktail which we hope will leave you feeling just like its name – Fine and Dandy!! This cocktail is made from gin, De Kuyper Triple Sec, orange juice and a dash of Angostura Bitters. A tangy combination to leave you full of zest!!


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