Romantic Valentines Day Cocktails | Romantic cocktail ideas and recipes this Valentines day (February 14th) | In The Spirit
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Here at in-the-spirit we need no excuse to check out cocktail recipes on your behalf! Of course, we are looking forward to that most romantic day of the year - St Valentines on 14th February - and as ever, we have had a fab time choosing a selection of cocktails for this special occasion - all featuring our favourite romantic Italian liqueur - Disaronno Amaretto.

So what is Valentines Day all about then? One of the many stories takes us back to Rome in 269 AD in the reign of Emperor Claudius II. During his time in power Claudius found it more and more difficult to recruit men into his army as they preferred to stay with their families. Believing that this was the main cause of his lack of recruits, he introduced a decree which outlawed marriage for young men, thinking that this would allow him to build a greater military base. Valentine was a young priest and thought that Claudius' decree was unfair and chose to continue to marry young couples in secret. When the Emperor Claudius discovered Valentine's activities he had him put to death on 14th February.

Another tale has it that Valentine was imprisoned and fell in love with the daughter of his jailor. The jailor's daughter visited him regularly and kept his spirits up. Before he was to be put to death, he sent the first “valentine” himself when he wrote a letter to her and signed it “from your Valentine”.

To continue with our romantic theme, we have a selection of Valentines cocktail recipes for you to try made with the world's favourite Italian liqueur - Disaronno Amaretto. Legend has it that Bernadino Luini, a young Milanese artist in the Renaissance period began working on a commission to paint a fresco of the Madonna. When he started his work in 1525, it was customary for actual members of the congregation to be asked to represent the characters portrayed. Bernadino asked a beautiful young widow to model for the Madonna. After working closely for some months, they fell passionately in love. As a sign of her devotion to him, the young widow created a sweet almond tasting liqueur called Disaronno. The secret recipe of herbs and fruits steeped in apricot kernel oil has not changed since that love affair in 1525. Disaronno means literally “of” or “from Saronno” and the fresco painting can still be viewed in the chapel of Sante Maria delle Grazie in Saronno to this day.

Using the most romantic liqueur there is as the focus of our feature, we have a Valentines cocktail menu for you showing the incredible versatility of Disaronno - so you have a selection to choose from which should cover all your romantic cocktail requirements!

Disaronno Mimosa

Disaronno MimosaDo you need a party option where you can make a number of cocktails all at the same time? Then the Disaronno Mimosa could be the perfect choice. Mix together some Disaronno and orange juice, then half fill 6 flute glasses. Top up with champagne (or a less expensive dry sparkling wine such as cava if you prefer) and you have the perfect Valentine's day fizz!


IndulgenceThis is a beautifully smooth cocktail shooter where the ingredients are layered in a shot glass. Firstly De Kuyper Brown Crème de Cacao, followed by Disaronno and then Amarula Cream. This brings together a sublime concoction of chocolatey vanilla and almond flavours together with a luxurious creamy finish.

Disaronno Martini

Disaronno MartiniIf you a planning an elegant Valentines evening “à deux” and require a classy cocktail, why not try our stylish Disaronno Martini? This is a blend of Disaronno Amaretto and premium gin (we would recommend either Hendricks or Bombay Sapphire for the best results), shaken with ice and then strained into a martini cocktail glass.


Heavenly For a long exotic cocktail, how about a Heavenly? This is made with aged rum and Disaronno for warming flavours with De Kuyper Blue Curaçao to give its vibrant colour and a hint of citrus topped up with pineapple juice.

Strawberry Kiss

Strawberry KissLast but not least is the most luscious of our romantic cocktail recipe suggestions. The Strawberry Kiss contains Disaronno and white rum (we always recommend Bacardi), double cream and fresh strawberries. For the best results, we suggest that you use a blender so that it has a smooth and creamy consistency and garnish with a fresh strawberry.

We hope that this gives you a selection of romantic cocktail ideas to try out for your Valentine and that with Disaronno you have the perfect evening together.

Please drink in-the-spirit cocktails in moderation.



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