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The history of vermouth dates back to medieval times when the goodness of herbs was preserved by steeping them in wine – often prepared by monasteries for medicinal purposes. Vermouth takes its name for the German word “Wermut” which means wormwood – an essential ingredient.

Each company will have its own recipe for each of the vermouth styles made. Recipes can include spices and fruits plus herbs – usually these are macerated in the wine which is then sweetened and fortified. The styles of vermouth most often referred to are Dry, Extra Dry, Bianco and Rosso and well known brands include Martini & Rossi and Cinzano as well as Noilly Prat – known as the original French Dry.

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Vodka is a clear spirit that can be produced from ingredients which contain starch. Starch can be converted to sugar and then alcohol is fermented from sugar. Raw ingredients for vodka production can be anything from grain (barley, maize, rye, wheat etc) to molasses and potatoes - though grain is usually the preferred raw material for premium vodkas. Water is also an important ingredient in the production of vodka - the purity of the water can affect the final flavour.

In-the-spirit recommends Green Mark vodka - Russia's finest, a sublime blend of luxury wheaat spirit and the purest crystal water.

Green Mark Vodka is 40% ABV.

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The difference between Whisky and Whiskey is that the first is made on the UK mainland – generally in Scotland – and the second is imported, mainly from Ireland or America. Although, the general principle of production is the same, the two types are distinctly different, from the type of grain used, to the number of times the spirit is distilled. The main ingredients of Whisk(e)y are grain, water and yeast. The grain is fermented and then distilled before being put into casks for the maturation period. Blended whisky is made using a mixture of grain and malted barley, whereas Malt whisky is made using only malted Barley, giving it a more complex flavour.

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Wild Strawberry

De Kuyper Wild Strawberry is a simply stunning summery cocktail ingredient which captures the colours and essence of fresh ripe strawberries in a delicious liqueur. Superb enjoyed chilled and neat, over ice or drizzled over desserts such as vanilla ice cream or sorbet for that extra special treat. An essential ingredient for classic summer berry cocktail recipes. Other traditional strawberry flavoured liqueurs are often referred to as “crème de fraise” (French for strawberry).

De Kuyper Wild Strawberry is 23% ABV.

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