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Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon
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Amount Ingredient (Click ingredient for more recipes)
1.5 MeasuresGreen Mark Vodka
1.5 MeasuresDe Kuyper Blue Curaçao
Top upLemonade
Liquid volume = 174.99ml*
Alcoholic units = 2*
Alcohol by volume (ABV) = 12.9%*
* Please note: Volume, units and ABV values are approximations only.
in-the-spirit classifies one shot as a measure of 2.5cl or 25ml


Build the Russian Standard Vodka and De Kuyper Blue Curacao into a highball glass half filled with ice. Fill with lemonade and serve.

Additional notes:

The perfect cocktail recipe to transport you to a tropical paradise!


Garnish with a slice of lime, orange or lemon as desired




Please enjoy all cocktail recipes responsibly
Please note: The NHS recommended weekly guidelines for alcohol consumption are 21 units for men (3-4 daily) and 14 units for women (2-3 daily)
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